Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alton Lane of Richmond 12 Days of Christmas promotion

Have you ever shopped at Alton Lane in Richmond, Virginia? If you haven't, be sure to check out these local news features from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Richmond BizSense before reading below, as they will fill you in on everything about the local Richmond location!

The term “bespoke,” dating back to 18th-century England, literally meant that a selection of fabric was ‘bespoken for’ a customer. Today, the term refers to a garment that is custom made for a customer without the use of a pre-existing pattern. At Alton Lane, we begin cutting the fabric for your garment only once your order is placed and your specific measurements are confirmed. {via Alton Lane website}

On Saturday, December 13, Alton Lane will start their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, with a new promotion announced everyday for 12 days. These promotions will be a great time to shop for yourself or that gentleman in your life, with an average percentage of 30% off or higher on each of the days that the sale occurs. Look at those gorgeous tweeds and plaids below - know anyone who needs a Harris tweed suit or maybe a sport coat for these cooler months?

If you are more pressed for time, consider browsing the Alton Lane online shop for basic, off-the-rack clothes in some of the finest global fabrics. While not providing the full shopping experience you get in-store, you can still make some custom choices. For example, under a dress shirt you can pick between full spread, medium spread, straight down, and button down collars. You have nine shirt cuff options, center/side/no shirt pleats, accent/complimentary fabric options, shirt pocket, and hand stitching and monogram options. Shop here

What are the benefits of Alton Lane? The best in menswear technology and a fun, modern shopping experience. Alton Lane allows customers to book appointments and fittings online. All clothing can be purchased individually, without any package deal or minimum order obligation. Alton Lane tries to have all custom orders completed within 4-6 weeks, except for peak ordering seasons when it could take 8-10 weeks. Alton Lane utilizes a 3D body scanner to capture your measurements in 30 seconds, ensuring the right balance of garment and fit with each piece made by their tailors. Accuracy is of great importance to the sales staff at Alton Lane.

These special holiday promotional discounts will include suiting, shirting, entire wardrobe orders, accessories, and other items throughout the stores so it is certainly worth checking out! You cannot go wrong in making an appointment and visiting their Richmond showroom.

Alton Lane currently has showrooms in Richmond, Virginia, New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Dallas, and Chicago. If you are interested in visiting their store, make an appointment here.

{all photos courtesy of Alton Lane©}

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sponsored Post: JoPa is Richmond’s Exclusive Firetainment Vendor


JoPa Company in Richmond, Virginia, is introducing a fun, new and creative group activity to the Holiday Season. Firetainment is a luxury fire table company based out of Orlando, Florida, and JoPa is the exclusive vendor for their “Firetaining” centers. These beautiful pieces have already made such a strong impression on regular clients shopping at JoPa that one of the three floor models has already sold in the first few days!


Since 2011, Firetainment specializes in fire tables – a unique name play on the traditional fire pit. These tables are an entertaining center, with the functionality of a grill plus the charm and warmth of a fire pit. You may be thinking of a generic fire pit and how it functions as a camp grill, but Firetainment takes these concepts to a whole new level.


You can prepare an entire meal for your family while enjoying the outdoors (or semi-outdoors) at your own home. JoPa has two full cooking sets from Firetainment to go along with your fire table purchase from their floor – these include a 14” cast iron griddle, universal cooking mount, oven mitts, two Himalayan salt blocks, and a surface thermometer. Imagine preparing seafood, meats or vegetables while also having shared family time around the fire table – no need to sit inside while one person grills – the whole family can participate!


Firetainment provides a selection of designs to complement the d├ęcor for any home. JoPa’s sales assistants can help you decide between an in-stock model, or a special order direct from Firetainment with a two-week turnaround period.

WorthyStyle-Firetainment-cyprus2-980x490-lazy susan-JoPa-Richmond

The table surfaces can be granite, concrete or quartz, table edging with a rock face or buffed rounded edge and a copper or hammered aluminum top. Fire glass can be chosen in a variety of colors to coordinate or contrast with your tabletop selection. You can even purchase a matching lazy susan to cover the fire glass and make the tabletop an outdoor dining table.


Firetainment fire tables are designed to be connected to a gas line or a 20 lb propane tank. 40,000 BTUs will power many a special evening outside with family and friends! The bases are typically powder coated aluminum so you can easily access the hookups whenever needed for maintenance. The two height options of 21” or 24” tall easily accommodate a lounge setting or meal dining height for whatever purpose you dream up.  Think about the benefit of no ashes or dirt! JoPa’s staff will be happy to provide input and guidance during the selection process.


Come visit JoPa Company this holiday season and give the gift the entire family will enjoy 
– a Firetainment fire table!

By the way, have you liked the JoPa Facebook page and followed our Twitter account?

{all photos property of Firetainment}

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Between the Sheets for Fall/Winter 2014

[Over the Moon Luna bodysuit]

My dear friend Layla has developed another absolutely stunning collection for her brand, Between the Sheets. In case you haven't read my previous posts featuring her company check them out here (when I first heard of the brand) and here (when she did a great giveaway!). Every great brand has a message. Here is BTS's:

With the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, Between the Sheets Collection delivers high end products with a contemporary point of view. Presenting redefined fashion for "Between the Sheets", our loungewear and intimates embody comfort and luxury that relate to our modern lifestyle through sensually draped and contoured designs executed in sumptuous materials. Our goal is to add polished effortless sexy to the BTS girl's natural individual beauty.

As you can easily see from the website and the photos featured on this post, Layla and BTS represent all that is wonderful with up-and-coming, emerging lingerie designers today. Functional pieces that are comfortable, made in the USA and eco-aware. That these garments are affordable and come in a wide range of price points is just the cherry on top! Anyone else love pairing peachy-pink and grey together? Me too!

[Make A Pass colorblock sweatshirt in pink and grey with Matchplay lounge pant]

Aren't these pieces perfect for lounging about or wearing out? All of them seem so cozy to me. I love how Layla works with pastel colorways as well as jewel tones that are saturated in rich hues of "malachite green, amethyst, and moonstone blue." Isn't that regal amethyst gorgeous? It would flatter so many skin tones! The hemline treads that line between flirty-sexy and comfy perfectly. I can see myself spending a lazy Sunday in bed with this piece.

[Over the Moon half moon nightie]

The photographs I've featured here are of collections which utilize terry and jersey knit. Some also use lace insets for visual interest. Layla loves variety in textures! Doesn't the blue piece on the far left look like a raglan baseball-style shirt? The pants on the grey set below is also on my wishlist - they look to be the perfect thing to slip on after a great workout - before you walk/drive/bike home! Some of these pieces may not be on the BTS lingerie website yet - but they will in time for the holidays!

[Over the Moon Stellar pajama top and Moonbeam gown in moonstone blue]

[Curtain Call crop sweatshirt and track pant]

All photos are property of Between the Sheets® Inc.