Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Cake edition

Ooooh, I love cakes (Mom and I with my Mom's famous caramel cake on my birthday this past Friday!). They are wonderful but I honestly do not have a sweet tooth. I will actually take off the extra icing and not eat it. Sometimes I touch a cake so little that it goes bad and then I throw it away. I just don't eat lots of cake! I maybe have a cake or pastry once a month, and I am sure that is one of the reasons I can maintain my weight. However, I think we can all agree that regular desserts and birthday cakes are a whole other story compared to a wedding cake. M and I have been to about 15 weddings since we got together 4.5 years ago, and we have had delicious cakes and gross cakes (we loathe fondant).
M and I basically thought we had our cake figured out. Design, flavors, the look... basically like the Martha Stewart cake shown above but in chocolate with dark chocolate piped buttercream icing... and then our bakery closed. And closed with orders, like ours, pending! She decided to shutter her business at the end of June. This event was probably the first time I had a legitimate panic attack, as it meant I now had to find an out-of-town bakery for our wedding cake!
So that really mixed things up, and M and I ended up deciding to change things on our end, too.

This past weekend we had our first cake tasting with a bakery I have heard great things about, but had never seen in person. Perfect timing as it was my birthday weekend, so I guess I had cake overload! They gave my parents, M, and I three different cakes to taste: double chocolate cake with a whipped Grand Marnier filling, chocolate buttercream icing; a marble cake with a bavarian cream filling, buttercream icing; and lastly, a double chocolate cake with red raspberry filling, buttercream icing.
I think what we loved the most was a combination of some of the options above... but I think we will make that decision this weekend after we have a tasting from a second out of town bakery (yes, more cake!!). We really thought we were sold on a chocolate cake - we both love chocolate, it is more of an autumnal color and a bit more unique. However, we ended up changing that just a bit, and since our florist will be adding ivy and autumnal berries to the cake we hope it will look elegant at its table (and not as over-the-top as what I found online, below)!
[Above picture is from]

What is your favorite kind of cake? Any unique combination? If you have been married, what did your wedding cake look like?


  1. What are you doing to me today?? These looks amazing!! I grew up not liking cake so every birthday my mom would make me brownies and we'd have a cake for my friends. I've grown to love cake. Might be a bad thing. I don't eat cake a lot but sometimes you have to have a slice. I got married in Mexico so the resort took care of my cake. We got cheesecake and surprisingly it was the best cheesecake I've ever had. I actually think about this cake from time to time and it's been 3 years! Happy belated birthday! Hope it was the best!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Jayme - AH I am sorry. I tend to do this to people around lunchtime. All of my food posts... I really should work on that, :)

      I am OK with cheesecake... sometimes. Again, I am big on rarely having a dessert.

  2. Wow,great post,I love all of this!!!

  3. Cake cake cake!!!!My love!!!All look so nice!!

    1. I love cake too - aren't they beautiful?

  4. These cakes are so gorgeous!


  5. Not only are these some gorgeous cakes, but they also look super yummy!


    Tamara B.

  6. Good luck with your cake adventure1



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