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Monday, February 9, 2009

House update

The house passed inspection with flying colors! We are well on our way to moving into this house (still set for March 23)! We are totes excited and very happy with how things are working out. ANNNND it looks like our mortgage will be cheaper than we thought! So... very good! We are infinitely happy with the result! We are even getting from the current owners their paperwork from a contractor who gave them estimates on building a garage - M and I agreed, a garage would be very nice - especially when we have kids, and then we would make it a full garage and have another bedroom and bath suite (maybe even a kitchenette) above it!). I also hope eventually we can put in a pool and a pool house as we aren't near any country clubs. Plus, it would be a nice accessory with birthday parties and social events, etc. I definitely plan on hostessing a lot of things!! Currently we are looking for a lawyer to help with closing, and I really want us to get a lawyer, not a title agency, just because we NEED to get a lawyer, hello, prenup, title changing when we get married, wills, etc...

He's Just Not That Into You

One of my BFF's - Zazu Pitts, and I saw He's Just Not that Into You this weekend. We went to a less-popular theater and got great seats and I had so much fun seeing a chick flick.

Of course, since I was seeing it with her, and we both are as bad as Whitney Port (of The Hills) when it comes to facial expressions - we had to make many and express shock over some scenes. I never read the book (as I have been unlucky in love but haven't had issues with anyone in a long-long term relationship) - and have always chocked up experiences as just that, experience. I am not a 30-something like the women all in this movie are (well, upper 20s with Gennifer Goodwin, of course).

All in all, I loved the movie. There were parts where it kind-of dragged, and I felt like the "interviews" between "chapters" was a bit cliche, then again this was written by a former member of the original SATC crew. BUT, acting was good, lines were funny, guys were occasionally a-holes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.