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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Our house closing is in less than 12 hours!! OMG!! SO EXCITING~!

Happy happy happy!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I find this clip to be incredibly moving...

Just so sad...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I know there's no hope in holding up this weight.
It just won't float.
Man, I tried, but the tide.
It knows no sides.
If that's what's not fair, then what could be wrong with my life?
[If that's what's not fair, then what could be wrong with my life?]

Maybe she needs love to put the bottle down.
Maybe she needs me to be around.

The pain in her stare is drawing me shapes -oh, so fair.
The pain in her stare is making me wish I was there...
With something to declare.

We'll it's quite possible I won't make it out alive.
Because I'm quite sure that I could die.
Because what's best is what's left
When nothing is left but
The sound of the rain on your head,
A woman asleep in your bed.
Dreaming in my bed.

Something's got to happen.
-The Annuals

Song Title: "Fair"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boarding School

Photo owned by: Lisa Richmond

In this rough financial climate, everyone is certainly on their toes. However, this AM when I opened up my New York Times, I didn't necessarily plan on reading this article, which really tugged at my heart-strings and to be honest, made me quite upset!

The Conserve School basically just opened in 2002, and already has an endowment of 181 million dollars.

It was a non-profit started when the CEO of a Chicago steel company died, whole established a trust for 70% students to recieve financial aid, run the school, donated 1,200 acres for the school to be on (and I thought the almost 400 acres my boarding school had was a lot), and to maintain the school with a majority stake (59%) in this said Chicago steel company.

Unfortunately, the school earlier this semester, called the student body together to let students know at the end of this semester, the school will be no longer a boarding school 4-year program and will instead become a semester-long study program.

What? Excuse me?

I know.

Apparently, and I can only understand the financial gibberish in this article because I am on the Annual Fund for a couple of different non-profits (including my own alma mater), they didn't sell off 5% of their assets every year, and if not selling it, diversifying them. Basically, their portfolio wasn't adjusted to work with the climate of the market.

Ironically enough, the people who run the school? Trustees. Kind-of like the situation of The Greenbrier with CSX Railroad being it's owners. The Trustees of the school are board members at this Chicago Steel Company. So it's a situation of greed and nonchalance. And that upsets me.

I immediately emailed my boarding school Annual Fund coordinator to let her know how this article made me feel, and that I would love to do anything extra that I could to help my boarding school in this financial climate... if they needed my help outside of my regular donations. I have yet to hear from her, but I feel like it wouldn't hurt. At least I could then figure out how to do more letters to my classmates before June 30...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First for-the-New-House Purchase

I am so excited!

It is Lilly Pulitzer [duh!!]!

It is colorful and fun and happy!

It is in one of my favorite patterns, Stowaway Green!

The flowers! The Pink! The Green!!

I have bought this fun guest book for my house!

It is my first purchase for the new house!

I am obviously excited as I am using lots of exclamation points!!!!