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Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, where have I been for the past few months?

Well, to put it simply, I haven't had ANY internet at my house. We had HughesNet which was the devil, and over priced, and just all-around bad. So, we recently realized with school starting back up again I would NEED some kind of internet. We decided to get me some NetZero dial-up.

Woohoo! AOL-style dial-up circa 1994!! I live 20 minutes from Richmond, VA and this option is the only one I have besides HughesNet... WOWWWWW.

Work is great. I am still working in lingerie but retail isn't suffering for us as badly as the nightly 6:00 news every night would make you think. I average around 300-500+ in sales everyday, and multiply that by 3-5 employees and you get our daily sales. So you could really get why I don't really believe that there is a recession going on so much as a paranoia from corporate overspending.

Then again, I work at a boutique, not a retail box establishment....

I start back up classes on August 31. However, for the first time in almost 6 years, I will be back at a 4-year college. I will be working on my Bachelor's! I am completely ecstatic and grateful to be given another opportunity to finish what I started. It has given me a huge sense of pride and happiness in my day-to-day life. I am just beyond excited as it is a great school and is a old Liberal Arts institution in the south... and Mike is supporting me every step of the way!

More later! Bedtime for now!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad love for Mad Men

Does anyone else find the show Mad Men simply intoxicating?

I don't mean because everyone on the show is a true WASP and boozer, I just mean because the show sucks you into the time period. The show I can closely link it to is The West Wing, because of their similarities in style. It is a WORLD you have often thought about and wondered over. You see the look and the colors and the people, but you can't really play out the conversations you see on-screen in your head until it's actually done.

For me, I have two different worlds of the 1960s to think about and compare with. My Dad's family was living a very blessed and luxurious life, thanks to my great-great grandfather J.A.J. I, and were busy growing with the construction boom from the post-war era. My Mother's family was a large family (5 kids; 4 girls (my mother the oldest) and one boy) in a relatively quiet and beautiful rural area outside of Covington, VA - a railroad town slowing down with the trend of airplane travel - but not quite extinct yet.

My Dad's family was definitely the Mad Men kind of family. Picture-perfect. Mom. Dad. Son. Daughter. Disciplinary debates on treating the children properly. Vacations in lovely places. Golf Club membership. The Way To Live Right. Booze. Cigarettes and Cigars. Perfect house on a perfect street. To make it even more picturesque, imagine Coral Gables (Miami), Florida, during this time period. Very Cuban-inspired but not salsa-style like it is now. Not as saucy, but enticing, kind of like the Season 2 eps in Los Angeles and Palm Springs....

Did anyone watch the season premiere?

I loved it. Some parts of it I thought were twisted and unnecessary (the whole cutting off d^%$ bit), but it still rolled into a great storyline about a man having to give up his own vices to step it up for being a family man again... and the other stuff, too, but lets not kid ourselves, the Drapers are the main members of the cast, like it or not.

Hello World!

Worthington: OMG
Worthington: I am Ranked #6 on GOOGLE
RAN: I can't wait until you come visit once I move to brian's
RAN: OMG what?
Worthington: for this search : happier a fine frenzy
Worthington: in which i posted only 5 hours ago the lyrics
RAN: haha what?!
Worthington: because no one had them online
RAN: haaaaaaahaha
RAN: that's hilarious