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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chatham Hall, Our Alma Mater

The Rectory is the home of the Rector of the school.

School days bright, that fly so swiftly,
Down life's stream, beyond recall,
Leave within our hearts abiding
Loyalty to Chatham Hall.

Chatham Hall our Alma Mater,
A love for thee, a pledge for all.
And forever and forever
We'll be true to Chatham Hall.

When the golden sun is sinking,
And the shadows o'er us fall,
Memories will take us backwards,
To our days at Chatham Hall.

I had an amazing boarding school experience at Chatham Hall in Chatham, VA. I would not change any day or minute from it for the world. I was in an albeit, sheltered, environment, but I was challenged intellectually, had friendly competition from classmates for everything, and learned dozens more things than I would have if I had remained at my public high school in my home town.

Here is a YouTube clip from an (I am assuming) Dad of a student who graduated:

The two videos are photo collages with our amazing alma mater song, which I have always loved. The last time I sang it I was bawling my eyes out, stunned that I was graduating and would never be a student again. I think I was sad more than happy on graduation day!!

Famous alumni include: Georgia O'Keefe, Ann Taylor (NPR broadcaster), Claudia Emerson (poet), Margaret Sullavan, Josephine Ford, and Jacqueline Mars.

138 students, approx, from when I was there. My graduating class had 34 classmates.

The building below is Pruden Hall, one of the two "core" buildings on campus. Pruden has a sister building, similar in construction exterior-wise but not exactly the same, and it is immediately to the right and connected by an arcade:

Here is a more recent photograph of the front of Pruden Hall:

The Arcade connecting Pruden to Dabney Hall:

Dabney Hall, where I lived for all three of my years at Chatham!:

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