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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is this thing on?

Did anyone else watch Season Four premiere of Mad Men on Sunday night? M and I got home from the beach in time to watch it! Yay!

Loved the fashion - they are heading into the more colorful period of the 1960s.

I am so happy Joan has her own office, don't know why it took them so long to upgrade her lifestyle like that. I am assuming this means she is still married to that failure of a doctor?

I wonder if Peggy, with her mod look, is still seeing Duck? Or is she going to finally hook up with Don in some awkward drunken disaster that I've been predicting for ages (esp since that hot lady shot him down in the back seat of a cab, ZING!)

Of course, as usual, I'd wear whatever Betty wears, even if she is a hot mess right now. She seems like a horrible mother to me, and I love how Sally retaliated in such a hysterical, immature way. I will retrain myself from the psychoanalysis of THAT situation.

Photos from: LA Times, Esquire, Esquire, (but really owned by AMC)


  1. I loved seeing them all back again! I also really liked how they dove right in, no recaps, etc. of what was going on. Fabulous, as usual.

  2. Watched it Monday morning! Thanks heavens for the internet!
    Joan looked amazing as usual. And I'm with you, I'm sure somewhere down the line, Peggy and Don are going to hit it. I think he's secretly in love with her anyway.

  3. Randall, I agree - them going straight into it with limited commercials was fabulous. I wish more shows did that more frequently, like Greys Anatomy and Mad Men are the only two shows I can think of who do that!

  4. Sara, wow! So in France I guess you downloaded the new episode off of iTunes, maybe? Joan did look great, so confidant, I LOVE her, even if her style is a bit (albeit, bright) but simple-ish.