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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Martha Stewart Show

I am not sure if all of my readers like Martha Stewart, but I really enjoy her as a teacher of food, crafts, and homekeeping. She has taught me a lot over the years, and I really appreciate what she is doing in the world of more eco-friendly home products. Her Homekeeping Handbook has been such an asset since I bought it at the beginning of this summer.

She recently moved networks from NBC (where for many DirecTV customers, among others, we could not watch her show due to local programming and the 5th hour of Today) to the Hallmark Channel. She is on M-F at 10am EST, and helps start off a wonderful series of Home shows that run from the AM to early afternoon hours.

Now that she is on Hallmark, I am really happy, as I haven't been able to watch her show for the past two years. I have missed a lot of great episodes, but yesterday I saw one that was one of the funniest I have ever seen. It was actually a "Bonus Episode" that aired on Monday at 4pm (so during the Oprah show). It had an opening that was hysterical and featured Martha Stewart and Darcy Miller (her Editorial Director of MS Weddings) wearing gorgeous gold outfits for the "Glitter" segment. I cannot believe no one has this on YouTube yet! Anyway, they open the show with a big, black shimmery confetti pinata, and proceed to FAIL at cracking the pinata open for the entire 5 minutes of the opening segment. At this point they are hysterically laughing and out of breath, so Martha's producer comes and has to RIP IT OPEN for the thing to actually work.

To make up for it, I found a few of my favorite clips of Martha Stewart on YouTube that are hysterical:

As a sidenote: I DIE everytime I see the clip with incredible glass maker DALE CHIHULY and she completely ruins a perfect glass orb. And then asks, "is that bad?" [its around 0:32] And her April Fools-ing her set staff. So messed up hahaha. Lastly, Conan O'Brien on the Martha Stewart Show. I mean, really, how did they figure that out? Him looking like Fabio is amazing.

More Bloopers:

Martha's BFF Snoop Dogg comes by to make Mashed Potatoes:

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  1. I LOVE Martha Stewart. I actually started watching her show when I was 8 and had my tonsils out. I think I watched marathons, but I made this whole list of things I thought my mom should do (baking, decorating, stuff for our pets). She politely declined, but I made the list into a binder and decided that I would do it all someday :) I wish I had the time/energy to follow more of her advice, but I do love her show!

  2. Aww your Mommy wasn't flattered? Sadface! I think my Mom would've been amused but played along with me when I was little. I do not have half as much energy as Martha with work and school right now, but I do what I can if I find it to be a priority and good idea!

  3. My favorite one was when Bakerella was on there and Martha said that the cake ball looked sort of like a "turd." Just not something I expected to come out of her mouth... repeatedly.

  4. Katy, I am assuming then that it was a chocolate cake ball? Ha ha

    Martha does tend to put her foot in her mouth.