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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Swan movie trailer

I cannot wait to see the Black Swan once it hits theaters in my area. I danced ballet for about 12-13 years (starting at age 3, when I first began riding and gymnastics as well), and dance was a huge passion for my entire childhood. It was when things got very competitive among my friends (most of whom I don't speak to anymore) and expensive (the costumes, supplies, hours, and classes) that I could no longer handle the pressure, as all the joy of the 'sport' left me. It was at this time that I then started to play field hockey and lacrosse and devoted my time to those things instead. I felt as though ballet was one of few competitive fields where when you stopped "playing" the competition continued outside of the studio. Most field sports stopped when the game ended for me. Ballet was not the case.

It looks to be scary-mental, obviously, as it is a thriller, but thankfully it also looks to be incredible. I would say Oscar contender for sure! I really have to enjoy the plot of a thriller to get into it. I am not a person who goes out and sees all of the scary movies in theaters - I frankly detest most. It is movies like the Black Swan, mental thrillers, that really capture my attention. Are you planning on seeing it?


  1. Yes! And I'm really excited. Looks like a great psychological thriller. Plus Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are always fabulous!

  2. @Jamie have you seen it yet? Maybe we could see it in NoVA together!!!

    @Katie, let me know if you enjoyed it!