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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to all!

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Here are mine:

1. Graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in both Environmental Studies and Political Science in May.

2. Start grad school at University of Maryland, starting small, with my Master of Science in Environmental Management or Master of Science in Management (Non-Profit/Associations Management).

3. Study for the LSAT. I have a couple books, I need several more (especially those practice tests) so I can not waste my time the first time I take the exam. I do want to get my law degree, even if I don't become a practicing lawyer, it will certainly help with my long-term goals in non-profit environmental work.

4. Find a job that is just enough to pay what I need, let me put aside some extras, have a life and earn benefits no later than August (when my health insurance goes away). Continue my tutoring job with my current family of three boys. Which means getting a true office job and being done at 5 everyday so I can get to their house for productive work.

5. Really master jewelry-making so my business can really take off. I've been slowly working on it, but hope to increase it as a weekend occupation after graduation.

6. Set up an Etsy store for my jewelry and other small things.

7. Lose another ten pounds and really tighten everything up again... without hurting my heart like I did two years ago.

[hysterical, but so not P.C.]

Please leave a comment and share with me on what you plan on doing in the New Year!!!



  1. You are ambitious lady!! My advice with the LSAT would be to take old exams as much as possible. It's cheap and effective.

    Good luck with all of this!!

  2. Those sound like some great goals! This year I'm hoping to be more "fit" physically and spirtually. I also want to find a new job and place to live as my husband and I relocate for his work. Happy New Years!