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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kluge's Magnificent Jewels

Patricia Kluge, probably before her $15 billion divorce settlement from John in the early 1990s.

Formerly fabulous Patricia Kluge didn't just lose her home and real estate this past year, she also lost a lot of beautiful jewels. Prior to her foreclosure issues, she claimed the sale was to "clean closet" of her home in Albemarle ('unloading', you could say to 'concentrate' on her wine business). We know the true reason for this sale now. Regardless, the Sotheby's auction of her jewels was just like the sale of her furniture - fantastic stuff sold at super-inflated prices!

Again, as it was written in Luxist: "Ms. Kluge, who is remarried, is now pursuing a life as a winemaker and decided it was time to change her lifestyle. As such, she felt it was time to part with both Albemarle, the enormous estate in Virginia she called home and the incredible collection of world-class jewels given to her by her ex-husband."

Change her lifestyle indeed! ha!!!

Enjoy the following images of her auctioned property:

Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire “Panthère” Wristwatch, Cartier, French, circa 1985.
EST $100,000-150,000
SOLD at $686,500 (including buyer's premium)

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring
A rectangular mixed-cut diamond of fancy intense yellow color weighing 27.80 carats, flanked by triangular-shaped diamonds weighing 3.50 carats, mounted in platinum and gold, size 7.
EST $400,000-600,000
SOLD at $602,500 (including buyer's premium)

(seen in the top photo)
Platinum and Diamond Pendant Ear clips
Pear-shaped diamonds weighing 13.16, 11.83, 9.33 and 8.74 carats, set in the center with a cluster of smaller pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 20.85 carats.
EST $600,000 to $800,000
SOLD at $1,058,500 (including buyers premium)

18k white gold, diamond and sapphire necklace; platinum, diamond and sapphire ear clips (NOT the ring, however)

Necklace: cushion-shaped sapphires weighing approximately 52.00 carats, round and marquise-shaped diamonds weighing a total of approximately 60.50 carats, length 16½ inches.
EST $100,000 to $150,000
Sold at $158,500 (including buyer's premium)

Ear clips: pear-shaped sapphires weighing approximately 21.75 carats, round sapphires weighing approximately 8.35 carats, and round and oval diamonds weighing approximately 12.00 carats, pendants detachable.
EST $75,000 to $100,000
Sold at $116,500 (including buyer's premium)

Patricia Kluge in a more recent photo:

Read more at the Palm Beach Daily News. And at New York Social Diary.
Photos are property of Sotheby's except where noted.


  1. WOW! Amazing jewels! Imagine having a slew of events to wear them to?! Wonderful post, as always!

  2. Aren't they gorgeous!! I love the sapphires, obviously!

    And thank you : )

  3. That's crazy!!! How much stuff did this woman have?!?

    The fact that things like this happen in VA and not, like, England boggles my mind.

  4. Those are quite a bit of jewels! It's almost like she was royalty. I can't imagine owning all of those things.

  5. Jamie - Albemarle House has 45 rooms. Patricia Kluge has an estimated 4-5 other homes. The amount of "stuff" she has is probably insano. Ironically, Patricia and her ex husband John were close to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Patricia was of English blood - no title is my understanding.

  6. Leslie-

    Neither can I fathom it. It blows my mind!

  7. Replies
    1. I agree, the yellow diamond ring certainly is a stunner!

  8. Wow... That Sapphire set... I'd be too afraid to wear them out. I'd save them for champagne and bubble baths!

    1. I would not be afraid to wear them out if I had a special occasion calling for it! Although wearing them in the tub sounds fun too :)

  9. The belly dancer goes belly up.

  10. The belly dancer goes belly up.