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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashion Fave: Lauren Conrad

Does anyone else love the fashion of Lauren "L.C." Conrad?

I think she dresses always in such good taste, and is so healthy-looking!

I know we all first got to know her on Laguna Beach, and then The Hills, but she has been consistent with her growing maturity and taste for fashion. From the brands to how she wears them 'her own way,' I'm always both surprised and impressed by what she puts together.

I think she is my U.S. version of Princess Shinylocks aka Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Great hair (so much better now compared to when she was still trying to be blonde), great attitude, young but classic fashion, business-savvy as well as well-educated!

And look, even when she cries, she is pretty. JEEZ LOUISE!

Do you have a go-to celebrity or icon, similarly aged, that you enjoy for her taste in clothing? Maybe you even think, 'hmm, we're the same size, I'm going to try that look myself!'

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  1. I have always loved her style and loved The Hills. :)

  2. Yes, I have always thought she is such a pretty and healthy looking girl. Love her style and think she is a great role model for young girls......great pictures.

  3. LC is my favorite ever ever ever! Class act!

  4. I maybe kind of secretly want to read her book .... :)

  5. She is definitely a class act! So understated in her most recent relationship with Kyle Howard - very sweet.

  6. Jamie - I think she has, what, three novels and a fashion/style book?? Really great!

  7. I don't love her clothes but I always lust after her makeup!

  8. Love me some LC. I used to be a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan. Back in her Buffy days, but I don't really think I have any celeb style icons at the moment. At least not a first thought...