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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party Ideas

Where do you go to get your party ideas?

When you are entertaining, what is your go-to resource?

No... not the Communist Party (this t-shirt design is from Threadless. Hilarious)

For many (particularly WASPs, but not exclusively) it is Martha Stewart, or one of her several publications:

For others it is the generic quick dash to Party City:

And then you have me, the person who will do anything to make things unique and does a bit of this stuff and a dash of the other (can't you tell from this hysterical picture that I love COLOR and WHIMSY!):

However, one thing is certain, I have loved getting inspirations from the blog, The Party Dress, who does beautiful parties of every category. I can always find ways to use my Cricut - but I cannot do anything that looks as good as her invites and paper goods. CUTE!!! She (they?) is (are?) a great resource for inspiration.

I love this entry on a Pink & Green Summer Celebration, too too pretty and I adore the entire look. To me, it appears this collage would be ideal for any of my friends or girlfriends or cousins or anybody! The image featured used silver julip cups to hold pink clusters of peonies for the centerpiece. I love it when a softer green is used rather than a lime green, which I think detracts from any shade of pink.

I would love to do a party like this one for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or even a gathering of girlfriends. It just has enough pink to be feminine without making it too over the top. Really lovely. Plus, these two colors, along with grey, are my favorite color combination!

What colors do you enjoy using when entertaining?


  1. PERFECT TIMING!!! I'm planning a birthday party for my husband and I want to make it really special. I've been looking at Martha Stewart, Colin Cowie, and Real Simple. I'm going to have a look at The Party Dress now :-)

  2. I get all my inspiration NOW from goodness there is simply no end to how much we can learn and discover from so many incredibly talented people out there. Martha Stewart has a lot of competition! I am going to check out the blogs you mentioned, as I love party and entertaining blogs. Thank you!

  3. Love the party dress! She does have a knack, doesn't she? I do adore pink and green as well! Super fab.

  4. You look beautiful:). I make my parties up out of my head...

  5. Wowza! That Party Dress blog is no joke. Each layout looks like a full production the likes of which Martha Srewart's team o' creatives whip up. I'd be thrilled just to score the masses of pink peonies in julep cups. What a great resource Whit...XXOO

  6. I hope all of you have taken the time to check the Party Dress out since I first posted this --- seriously love it so much for great ideas!