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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I enjoy

There are many things I enjoy.

One of those is Mario Badescu's 'special mask for oily skin'. Apply it to my nose every two days. Then I don't have to look like an idiot with those pore strips on my nose. It's a winner.

Another thing I love is scarves. But I think I have literally read around five entries from fellow bloggers about scarves. So I'll just say - scarves are universally flattering. And fun.

Another thing I love is sangria in summertime. Legitimate sangria. Not some lame stuff that isn't fruity or boozy. That needs to happen soon. The best kind has sat for more than a couple hours.

I enjoy my new craft table from Martha Stewart's collection at Home Decorators. It is heavy, solid wood and holds all of my working stuff. The iPad station, Brother sewing machine, Cricut and some books. Lots of room to spare.

Lastly, I enjoy a conversation with a good friend. You cannot end the day without having one or you will feel unfulfilled. I really do love everyone that is important to me, they know who they are.


  1. So, post your sangria recipe! I need a decent one.

  2. We enjoy the same things! Have a great day, dear! Xx.

  3. Sangria recipe will be posted this PM!

  4. Muffy - We do enjoy many of the same things. Thank GOODNESS we are friends! HA!


  5. I could not LIVE without my Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream. If Elle Decor ever should ask ;)

  6. Alice - So with you darling, his products are amazing.

  7. Hi - Am your newest Follower - nice to meet you!

    Love your MS desk - I have a white one too!

    Also, glad about your Pappy - 93 and surgery - incredible!

    May you all enjoy a happy Fourth of July together!

    Best Wishes,