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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tiffany & Company

There are so many things that have been bought and worn to death by women our age. I never jumped on the Return to Tiffany heart or round disc on the charm bracelet. It is over and done with. So big and showy. Generic. Copied by thousands. Yuck.

When I graduated from Randy-Mac in May, one of my gifts was a T&Co gift card that I wanted to go ahead and use. Of course I wanted to make it a 'thing' - a full day affair. Why not?!

Last Friday, Mom and I went up to Tysons Corner for the day and I came home with a lot of ideas for future gifts and one very special bracelet:

I tried on all three of these pieces, among many other things, but I ended up getting the lapis lazuli bead bracelet. Thankfully, the Return to Tiffany tag is smaller than my pinky nail! I can wear it with a nautical-stripe dress, a linen skirt and top, and jeans. It goes with everything.

The silver bead bracelet that is the same size really sets off the blue in the lapis, so I may get that piece next. The anchor necklace in lapis - which I really wanted - they had sold out of. However, the gentleman assisting us gave me his card so when I am ready to get it I will call him...

All photos are ©Tiffany & Company


  1. Beautiful choice! You'll be able to wear that bracelet for years xo

  2. What a lovely bracelet, and I really like that anchor necklace! They are both such versatile pieces. :)

  3. You haaave to get that necklace! XXO

  4. How many of these are really "Returned to Tiffany" if found?

    That tag is ostentatious.....too much so, for old time preps.
    Remove that silver tag, and wear the bracelet as is.

  5. Sara - I cannot wait to age with this bracelet!

  6. Thank you for finding the bracelet, enchanted home!

  7. Leslie - they truly are vesatile and I treasure them too!

  8. Alice - plan on getting the necklace soon!!!

  9. Anonymous, if you had read my entry, you would understand that the normal Return to Tiffany tags are five times larger than this small tag. This tag is the size of a pencilhead. Also editing a piece depreciates its value. Not wise.