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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Babar!

This past Sunday was the 80th birthday of my beloved French elephant Babar!

They mentioned this news in the Sunday NYTimes! A great little write-up. I was read Babar's stories in both French and English, as my family wanted me to know basic French at an early age. We also would watch the TV show on PBS and in the early days, HBO too.

The Brunhoffs told, then wrote and animated the stories for their two young children.

Thank you so much, CĂ©cile et Jean de Brunhoff (shown below with their sons, including Laurent who took over the role of writer/animator/new story creator after his father's early death). I cannot imagine my childhood without Babar, avec "un costume d’une agreable couleur verte"!

Did you read him when you were younger?


  1. Oh I loved those stories as a child! x

  2. Love Babar. Had cloth wall hangings of Babar and his Queen Celeste, in my daughter's room.