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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver polishing

Is anyone else the designated polisher for their family? This duty has been mine since about 8 years old, when my parents and grandparents realized I pay attention to the most minute details (between tines, in the smallest crannies and engravings) on our silver pieces. So, to earn some extra $$ and to help out older eyes, I would polish polish polish!

Carroll's Jewelers has been a store my family has shopped at for years. Wedding registries, graduation, college, etc. Sadly, the Coral Gables Carroll's on the Miracle Mile closed in January 2010, where it had been for SIXTY THREE years. Mind you, Coral Gables has not been around but since about 1923 so that is almost the entire history of this storied suburb! But, their Ft. Lauderdale store is still open... however, we don't really go up there.

Anyway, polishing. I'm older now and enjoy cooking a great deal. However, I am still thhhhheeeeeeee silver girl-to-go. So I am lucky to only be designated with silver polishing, table-setting and the occasional hors d'ouvres (this year, like last year, a warm crab dip).

Many of my family pieces are verrrrry old. Tiered centerpieces of pure silver from who knows whose estate in Europe. Trays. Silver water goblets. Tiffany & Co. silverware. Ancient flatware inherited from someone who lived for filigree and got the most ornate piece they could find (you Southern girls know what I mean, esp!). So the Hagerty silver foam has been used on these pieces for decades. It's super mild, looks like softened milk chocolate and washes off well. I like the brown stuff from Hagerty as then I can see it in the nooks and crannies when buffing and rinsing. It does the job right! Anyone ever use a SOFT toothbrush on their more ornate pieces? Try it sometime, delicately, and you will see how it helps!

After I finish with our place settings for Thanksgiving dinner, I will do an inherited champagne bucket and some vases. That includes this antique, incredibly delicate crystal bud vase with engraving up the stem, which rests in silver. And it is NOT gleaming due to Mother's dislike of polishing. Don't worry Mum, Worthy has it under control, because I understand you looooooooove this piece but despise the elbow grease. Least I can do for you playing hostess and keeping me on your cell phone plan!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, are any of you avid silver polishers?


  1. I love to polish silver! I get a thrill watching something dull get renewed life and a shiny sheen. There is such a pride of ownership to see such old pieces restored to former glory. I don't do it enough, but I just LOVE doing it! Great post.

  2. It's good that you love polishing silver. It's really cool that you have such lovely pieces to polish!

    1. I definitely feel lucky to have pieces to polish. I love keeping them pretty!!

  3. Done it too many times over the years! You want to come and do mine:)?

  4. I love polishing silver too! It is so cathartic and I love the instant gratification of seeing the newly shiny item.