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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Downton Abbey, series two

Downton Abbey series two is quickly approaching it's return to our PBS stations in the U.S. Friends in the U.K. have been bugging me as they have not just seen series two but they have also seen the Christmas Special thanks to ITV1. I am going crazy over here! Love this show so much and even M is super into the storyline.

Who else just aches over poor Mister Bates? And who else wishes Mary and Edith would stop screwing each other over? YOU ARE SISTERS, PEOPLE! Chill out.

Anyway, here are some videos from YouTube, some are official promos for the U.S. and others are from U.K. Enjoy and please support and donate to your local PBS stations - not just for Downton Abbey, but also for local programming, Sesame Street, music (Andrea Bocelli in Central Park, anyone?) among so many other wonderful programs!

Downton Abbey returns on January 8, 2012!
[Ed. Note: for those who don't know, in the U.K. it is 'series' NOT 'season'; the song on the ITV1 and PBS promo for series 2 is a cover of U2's "With or Without You" as performed by Scala & Kolacny Brothers]


  1. Gahhhhh!!!! So excited!!! Love the show!!!

  2. I just discovered this series in my hotel room in Virginia Beach on New Years Day. Can you believe it? I LOVE it! I am going to buy the first year DVD's but I'm wondering if you can tell me what channel it comes on. Is it just regular PBS?

  3. I looove this show!! I'm obsessed with it right now.