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Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Craving...

Is this shoe not delicious?

The 'Lavalliere' Bow Pumps - as found at Saks...

To me, this pair of shoes are incredibly work and date-night friendly...

I think the camel leather feels like butter and the black grosgrain ribbon trim and bow add just enough detail. I am not one to buy a shoe covered in metal studs after all...

I think Muffy would agree that if she doesn't already have this shoe (I'm sure she has it though), Dita Von Teese would work these to perfection!
Plus, unlike other Louboutins, this shoe is ONLY (!!) 4" tall! I can handle that!

So... Birthday present idea #1 ;)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I enjoy

There are many things I enjoy.

One of those is Mario Badescu's 'special mask for oily skin'. Apply it to my nose every two days. Then I don't have to look like an idiot with those pore strips on my nose. It's a winner.

Another thing I love is scarves. But I think I have literally read around five entries from fellow bloggers about scarves. So I'll just say - scarves are universally flattering. And fun.

Another thing I love is sangria in summertime. Legitimate sangria. Not some lame stuff that isn't fruity or boozy. That needs to happen soon. The best kind has sat for more than a couple hours.

I enjoy my new craft table from Martha Stewart's collection at Home Decorators. It is heavy, solid wood and holds all of my working stuff. The iPad station, Brother sewing machine, Cricut and some books. Lots of room to spare.

Lastly, I enjoy a conversation with a good friend. You cannot end the day without having one or you will feel unfulfilled. I really do love everyone that is important to me, they know who they are.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party Ideas

Where do you go to get your party ideas?

When you are entertaining, what is your go-to resource?

No... not the Communist Party (this t-shirt design is from Threadless. Hilarious)

For many (particularly WASPs, but not exclusively) it is Martha Stewart, or one of her several publications:

For others it is the generic quick dash to Party City:

And then you have me, the person who will do anything to make things unique and does a bit of this stuff and a dash of the other (can't you tell from this hysterical picture that I love COLOR and WHIMSY!):

However, one thing is certain, I have loved getting inspirations from the blog, The Party Dress, who does beautiful parties of every category. I can always find ways to use my Cricut - but I cannot do anything that looks as good as her invites and paper goods. CUTE!!! She (they?) is (are?) a great resource for inspiration.

I love this entry on a Pink & Green Summer Celebration, too too pretty and I adore the entire look. To me, it appears this collage would be ideal for any of my friends or girlfriends or cousins or anybody! The image featured used silver julip cups to hold pink clusters of peonies for the centerpiece. I love it when a softer green is used rather than a lime green, which I think detracts from any shade of pink.

I would love to do a party like this one for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or even a gathering of girlfriends. It just has enough pink to be feminine without making it too over the top. Really lovely. Plus, these two colors, along with grey, are my favorite color combination!

What colors do you enjoy using when entertaining?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II has a sense of humor

So I was perusing around on YouTube today and came across these winners.

I love me some QE2 news clips and these did not leave me disappointed! It is so nice to see her looking less stiff, no? (NO MUMMY!!!)

Lastly, Queen Elizabeth II, reflecting on her life:

I have no big plans for the weekend, just writing some new articles for my Examiner page. Please feel free to subscribe to it, as I will likely not bring it up very much on here, I hate when people are all pushing on their agenda! I follow the 60-40 rule, 60% work, 40% play, on Twitter, Blogger, etc.

Do you have any big plans? I hope to make my back deck my sunbathing/reading/etc haven, with my most recent purchase from Plow & Hearth:


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bridesmaids Review

So I went to see Bridesmaids two nights ago, and it was absolutely incredible. I laughed so hard I thought I might tinkle a bit in my pants. I left the theater feeling drunk from laughter. I am not kidding. I have to see it again. I hopefully will see it with someone other than a GUY, but that fellow was a good sport and said he enjoyed it as well.

Maybe I should see it with my own girlfriends and we can have cocktails prior and post-show.

Kristen Wiig has done a great job on this movie, and as my BFF Alex has said time and time again, this movie is not just another "Judd Apatow movie". Judd Apatow was just one of several collaborators on this movie.

As per here are some stats:
Budget: $32,500,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $26,247,410 (USA) (15 May 2011) (2918 Screens)
Gross: $59,341,310 (USA) (22 May 2011)

Produced by
Judd Apatow .... producer
Paul Feig .... executive producer
Barry Mendel .... producer
Annie Mumolo .... co-producer
Clayton Townsend.... producer
Kristen Wiig .... co-producer

Directed by Paul Feig

Writing credits: Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo

So, as you can see, this film was pretty female-friendly as the co-writers both worked as co-producers. I am a huge fan of films that include women on the crew, and this film really hit at female humor. At times I felt so uncomfortable... awkward, even... about things happening that I had to wince over and over again. Why did I feel uncomfortable? Because there were moments in that film that I had experienced and could relate to. Who writes those scripts best? FELLOW FEMALES.

Good job Hollywood, lets try to crank out something similar. Although show less fake vomit next time, maybe?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What an exciting time.

I graduated this past Saturday and the weather held out! It was funny as the clouds moved around us, we could see them roll in to campus and then passed around. We were luckily having an early graduation (10AM) which ended just before noon, so we stayed in the shade the entire time!

I sincerely appreciate all of the kind words that you all shared with me over my last entry. It took a lot of guts for me to put that story out there on the table and your support meant (means) a great deal to me.

I hope now to continue to move forward with my life, and on here that means things are a little bit less secretive for me.

Now, on to bigger and brighter things!