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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuna goodness!

Anyone ever go to Whole Foods and think, "Hmm I want to make something different and tasty?" and just throw something together on a whim?

That happens to M and I everytime our friend K comes into town. He is a former chef (and fellow Army dude with M) and cooks up some great stuff. We consider it a private cooking lesson because we always learn something new.

Consider this tuna steak, with a steamed leek slaw, rice pilaf, all topped with a tomato buerre blanc. Parfait!
M got chicken because he is boring. Just kidding! He doesn't like seafood but I eat enough of it for the two of us!

Do you ever experiment with new foods? Or maybe even mix up some favorites?


  1. I'm horrible at just coming up with things. Your creation looks so yummy!

  2. Leslie - our friend is very talented. He has taught M and I some wonderful kitchen tips.... All delicious!

  3. LPC - it was wonderful. A melody of flavors!