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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012

So a few weeks ago I got the 'frequent Lilly shopper' catalog - in newspaper format -and I am sure several of you all did as well. I got mine probably on about the 16th of Feb as it was just before I left for President's Day long weekend in Baltimore. I often get things about three days later than most people... since I live in the boonies!

"Lilly in Bloom" contained a colorful kaleidoscope of patterns and colors - and I loved the patterns. However, as I commented on some recent blog posters about the Spring 2012 LP collection, I just cannot wear dresses so SHORT to work! Unbelievably short shifts this year!

Patterns I love:
-resort white lavish lillys placed
-turquoise wrapping stripe
-resort white mini spring fever toile
-prep green pink twinkle
-starfruit yellow day lilly

Styles I love:

Blossom dress, style no. 27946:
[in resort white lavish lillys placed for $198]

[in turquoise wrapping stripe for $288]

Buttercup short, style no. 28588:
[in resort white mini spring fever for $68]

Amberly dress, style no. 26873:
[in prep green pink twinkle for $228]

Hayes skirt, style no. 31718:
[shown in resort white spring fever toile, but I like it more in starfruit yellow day lilly for $128]

This dress was not in the catalog - but I like it a lot!

Cherry dress, style no. 26316:
[in prep green pink twinkle for $268]

The only thing is - if I don't get any of these Lilly's due to length, what am I going to wear for Easter, Virginia Gold Cup, Foxfield, Carolina Cup, Preakness, Middleburg Spring Races, Strawberry Hill, Grand National Steeplechase [just to name a "few"]? I will have to go with Shoshanna, Tibi, Trina Turk, Kate Spade or Milly I guess. I will keep you guys posted on what I discover! I need to see these dresses in person and see if the hem can be lowered on any. I hope they have an extra 2-3" to spare!

[photos courtesy of C.Orrico of Palm Beach, a wonderful store with fantastic customer service that M and I both enjoy ordering from!]


  1. I adore all the patterns, but I can't believe that they'd make such short dresses! That's crazy. I hope you discover good news. :)

  2. Aren't the patterns just gorgeous? I love them!

  3. So cute! I always have to cut my dresses short. Lesley Evers has adorable dresses and they are always super long on me. May work for you

  4. Love the Lilly spring line this year but completely agree about the length and I am on the short side of 5'5 and they are too short for me!

  5. Beth - you cut them shorter! Wow! I can never do that, lucky you :)

  6. MTL - wow, if you are petite and they are that short on you I cannot imagine how short they will be on me. I'd probably get cited with public indecency. HA!

  7. Love the patterns!! Very cute :) Reminds me of the summer!

  8. Jax - the patterns are DEFINITELY summery! Very fun and light-hearted, a Lilly P trademark!

  9. i am so loving the colors. and really wouldn't mind having that blue dress in my closet!

  10. Amy - you should check it out in stores or online - that blue dress would look lovely on you and often the sales come sooner than one would expect!

  11. Hooray for Lilly Spring! A gorgeous line.
    Just wanted to let you know I always put a "photos via" link below when the photos are not mine, so you can follow the link for the source. :)