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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Registry: Barware

I am a big fan of barware. I love making cocktails, and close friends know if I am in the right place (or at home) my signature drink is a French 75. It's been my go-to cocktail for about four years now and I love it.

French 75:
2 ounces London dry gin
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
1/2 ounce lemon juice
5 ounces Brut champagne

Glass Type: Collins glass
Instructions: Shake well with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker, then strain into a Collins glass half-full of cracked ice and top off with champagne.

That being said, I do enjoy a nice crystal glass. It brings elegance to the side table in your bedroom with some water, it elevates the most ordinary gin and tonic before dinner, and is wonderful for many other beverages.

Have you ever tried Asprey crystal? It is one of my favorite brands due to the elegance they bring to their collections... With some whimsy. On my short list are the following (I am not including the Fox, as it is out of stock and don't want to make your heart hurt with how perfect it is... I think someone must've published these glasses in a spread recently as I don't remember them selling out so fast before):

The shark, $160, is great if you love marine life as I do!!

Likewise with the Octopus, at $160 as well. Isn't it a great price for engraved crystal? Way more interesting than a plain glass and far less 'prissy' for a crowd that includes men!

The Gator is incredibly detailed, and you certainly pay for it at $295. That being said, if you have FL roots like I do this glass is fun to drink from (during football season it certainly starts a discussion!!).

Do you have a go-to set of crystal barware? What drew you to it?


  1. I LOVE a French 57. Nice choice :) I'm currently on my Winter Cocktail, which is a Manhattan. Summertime is typically a gimlet.

  2. I LOVE a Manhattan! Also a gimlet. That's the best. I am all about old-school drinks

  3. Those are really works of art. We drink from Crate and Barrel - but I've got my eye on some Baccarat, should I ever want to move up in the world:).

  4. Crate and Barrel has some fun stuff! Love their quirky artsy things so much

  5. Sara - the octopus is wonderful, curving all the way around the glass...