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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring shopping

Well, it is currently 84 degrees here in Richmond today, and could be even hotter (it may well have been hotter earlier today!) before I leave work.

However, I have many things on my to-do list that I must accomplish! I have the need for several spring items. I need to look for these things this weekend...

Here is an itemized wish list:

-ballet flats (need to try the Tom's ones)

-wedge heels

-neutral work purse

-summer weight suit jacket (2 button)

-summer weight suiting-material dress (black, pinstripe, grey)

-Lululemon tops

-fitness DVD

To start - here are my work shoe ideas... anyone have these?

Spring 2012: work shoes

Christian louboutin shoes
$645 -

Christian louboutin heels
$625 -

Tory Burch wedge shoes
$295 -

Block heels
£160 -

Mid heel shoes
£155 -

Leather flat shoes
£95 -

Toms flat
$79 -


  1. I love those neutral ballet flats--I don't think they're too simple at all.

  2. They are an understated elegance, right?

  3. All those LK Bennett shoes are great. And the tall Loubs are, IMO, too tall for work:).

  4. You're so lucky that it's so warm out! I'm jealous ;) I've been dyeing for a good pair of nude shoes. I have my eye on a pair of Vince Camutos.

  5. The Toms ones look GREAT, sadly I'm on the hunt for ballet flats too and the Toms ones don't come in the colour that I want (ORANGE).

  6. Lisa, I really think I may take the LK Bennett plunge. The best place to get them here is at Tysons Corner Bloomingdales so I guess that is my next step!

  7. Jax, I dunno.... It is almost TOO warm out. And really humid. Almost what we'd consider midsummer weather. Vince Camuto shoes are great! I know my local Nordstrom always has a great selection.

  8. Deidre,

    Hmmm ballet flats in orange. Have you tried J. Crew? I think they have a good, moderate-priced classic ballet flat which may need to reinforcement in the footbed. Or maybe Repetto?

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  10. i'm just blog walking and very surprise when we stopping here, cause you has a beautifull blog. Congratz.

  11. cute! loving the flats!

  12. loving the flats! didn't mean to press anonymous!

  13. i too need to bite the bullet and invest in a pair of wedges.

  14. Both flats and wedges are great! You won't regret them, ladies!

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  16. Lululemon is ALWAYS on my wish list! You have fab taste.

  17. I did not realize until yesterday how many LK Bennett shoes are on this Polyvore! I honestly was picking them by look not brand! oops :)