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Thursday, December 20, 2012

TGIF: a perfect night for Hpnotiq

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.


I am one of those people who enjoys getting dressed up and pre-gaming for a fun girl's night. One of the things I have enjoyed the most is turning on my Pandora and letting it go while I dash between my walk-in closet, master bedroom, and the master bathroom. I am already excited about going out and then the music just makes it that much better! The same goes if I am spending a weekend in a hotel, or hanging out with my friends getting ready together - music and hanging out with my friends gets my adrenaline pumping. The Hpnotiq Primp & Prep website is perfect for this kind of activity.


Do you drink Hpnotiq? I think the first time I came across this product was when I was at Theta Chi's off-campus house, and people were drinking different kinds of mixed drinks - this was when Hpnotiq was pretty new is my understanding. The bottle looked like this:


Sure, it makes me extra-girly to be drinking a fruit-y drink but I don't care. I enjoy lots of different kinds of liquors, but when I am with friends I want something that will mix well and is fun to sip. Besides, when I was at this Theta Chi party the guys seemed to be enjoying the drink, too! We had a fun time that night in 2007 when I first tried Hpnotiq.


Last month I traveled to WV and I visited a boarding school classmate. She wanted to show me her hometown and we had a lot of fun getting ready to go out. Yes, apparently some WV cities have a legitimate downtown! It was such a blast to hang out, catch up on our week and figure out what we were going to wear. This link from the Primp & Prep website definitely helped us in figuring out our shoe situation for the night - sometimes I need visual aids! It was a huge help, and the fashion section of Primp & Prep saved me from a fashion mistake.

We loved using the Pandora station from Primp & Prep - it was perfect to get us pumped up. I think it might be my favorite feature on the website. While my friend worked on my hair (always an adventure) I was the unofficial DJ with this station (hair down music up!). "Firework" by Katy Perry? Why not! Something from Ke$ha? Definitely. Usher will always get me amped up. Later on that night we had a bartender recreate this cocktail for us, and it was delicious! What made it so perfect to test out was that the bar is known for fishbowl drinks and this one looked just like the picture below. It was coconut and fruit and went down smoothly. We had an awesome night. I think you guys are like me - hesitant to take a sponsored post seriously - but Hpnotiq is definitely one of those liquors I can reach for and always enjoy. Check out the Pandora station and the entire Primp & Prep page!


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

HIMYM: Robin Sparkles

Okay, so I recently decided that you all are going to need to embrace my occasional weirdness. The weirdness might be my fixation on certain TV shows - like "How I Met Your Mother" - or might be something that demonstrates my strange sense of humor, like Shasta Anne and my love for Narwhals. Just go with it.

So, anyway, "HIMYM" is a great show. It is more than likely ending this season. Which sucks but I won't think about that part. One of my favorite facts is that Robin (who has a lot of random things in common with me) was once a Canadian pop-star called Robin Sparkles (no I have no past life as a pop sensation). Of course, because HIMYM is amazing, they decided over the course of the show to have Robin do two music videos as her "Robin Sparkles" character.

Let's Go to the Mall is the first song that came out, which explains the backstory of Robin Sparkles and was on the season two episode Slap Bet:

Then there was "Sandcastles in the Sand."
Sandcastles in the Sand
Robin Sparkles | Myspace Video
©2012 Sugar Inc. Who else finds these videos hysterical? Is it really just me? As the Tumblr page #whatshouldwecallme posted under "When someone doesn't get my sense of humor:"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy holidays from Cartier

I love this holiday film from Cartier:

Gorgeous jewelry, adorable panther cubs, and the music by Danny Elfman from the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack ("Ice Dance") make for a winning combination of holiday spirit!
I always watch Edward Scissorhands during the holidays, as well as another 'unusual' film (i.e. to be considered in the 'holiday' category), Toys. Here is a full clip of the Danny Elfman music:

Had you seen the Cartier video before? YouTube says it was posted on November 19, but I had not seen it until today!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Favorite item from the Fall 2012 collections

Every couple of seasons, I will spot an item in the magazines, online, at a store, or on the street that draws me in. I will love the color, the texture, how it is cut, everything about it. The sad thing is, quite often this item will be incredibly expensive. This year, that item is the Balmain green lambskin leather jacket. I first spotted it in the Neiman Marcus Fall 2012 book, and then I saw it again on Net-a-Porter and fell apart over how awesome this jacket was...
I know this jacket had lots of knockoffs all over the place, but it is just so gorgeous that I would never settle for anything less. (however, the $7,570 price tag meant I was getting nada). Isn't the detailwork fantastic? Balmain had it in sizes 36-40, and it sold out rather quickly.
Maybe it is because it is the same color as my eyes, maybe it is because I think it will bring out the natural highlights in my chestnut-colored hair, maybe it is because the leather is already butter-soft with no need to break it in... but this jacket is just beautiful!
What do you think of this jacket? Are you a fan of the green trend this season? Check out my Examiner article "Fall 2012 trend: green" as well as one of my favorite bloggers, April, who wrote about emerald green in her post "Bring on the holiday parties" !

All photos taken from this page on Net-a-Porter. © Net-A-Porter