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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A little office cheer

I hope everyone is continuing to have a happy new year, as January comes to a close. January has always been a favorite month of mine, as it has always been fun and pretty productive if I look back on it. First college acceptances in January 2003, first January term at R-MC in 2004 (best.short.semester.ever), lots of interesting romantic developments have happened to me during the month of January over the years, and last year, I started this job in January. So lots of nice things.

Since I have been here at the job for over a year now, I have decided to really get settled into my office. The space is mine to do with as I please decor-wise, which is wonderful. I have lots of room (it is four walls and an actual door, so I have a lot to work with). I love my furniture which includes: two bookshelves, two armchairs, my desk, and a coat rack - all wood with a walnut finish. All that is left is getting artwork on the walls and adding color. My Mom for my birthday last year (August) and for Christmas the past two years (2011, 2012) has given me fun office supplies to add some color - post-its, tabs, cute lotion containers, pens, etc. Now I added the adorable Lilly Pulitzer mouse pad you see at the top of this post. I purchased it on Etsy from this store.

Here it is on my desk:
It arrived yesterday from Florida. The dimensions are about 8" x 9". It is just over 1/4" tall so it is not flat and has wonderful quality! It fits on my desk rather nicely and adds a pop of color. I am kind-of over buying an item new from Lilly Pulitzer at this point in my life, but I do enjoy how people creatively repurpose older Lilly prints in new ways.

My office accent wall is a cheerful yellow so I wanted to purchase an item with some yellow in it to tie that color in better. Some people think it is weird to have a yellow accent wall. Well, blue is my safe zone and while I love blues I wanted something different for my office. The yellow wall keeps me alert and has a lot of good meaning behind it (promotes happiness, stimulates the mind, encourages communication, sparks creativity).

What kind of vintage items do you enjoy purchasing? How are you allowed to decorate your office?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My input on Golden Globes 2013 looks

I know this post is days late, but I wanted to get some legit Getty Images of these gowns so you can enjoy the better photo quality - I think you can see details much better this way! Enjoy my favorites below.

Allison Williams, J. Mendel:
Actress Allison Williams attends HBO's Post 2013 Golden Globe Awards Party held at Circa 55 Restaurant at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills. Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez, Zuhair Murad:

Side shot:
Jennifer Lopez arrives at the 70th Annual Golden Globes Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Emily Deschanel, Badgley Mischka. I personally loved the top half of this look, not the lower half...
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Emily's little sister Zooey Deschanel, Oscar de la Renta. This gown was difficult to enjoy on the red carpet. If you look at the close-up shot, there is incredible worksmanship in this piece. I think she always wears pretty much the same silhouette, but otherwise she looks fabulous!

Photos by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Fox

I know I am in the minority here, but I actually liked Kate Hudson here in Alexander McQueen. This outfit is quite high fashion and works with what is on trend right now. She makes it look perfect.
Kate Hudson attends The Weinstein Company's Golden Globes afterparty, Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Cutest couple at the Golden Globes for sure!
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images:

Kristen Bell wore Jenny Packham. Here is the back of the gown, which was sadly not well shown on the major 'red carpet' shows:
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Isla Fisher, Reem Acra. I didn't see her husband at the awards show, so I am not 100% sure why she attended or who she was promoting, but I thought she pulled it together rather nicely. People forget she has kids!:
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lucy Liu, Carolina Herrera. So many people said 'EWW curtains?!' and I have to ask, have you ever seen a Carolina Herrera collection? This woman is known for her ballgowns and their fresh patterns - she is a Brazilian! I think this looks lovely:
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

What are your favorites from this (quite edited) list?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bag envy

I am a huge fan of chic, classic tote bags that look timeless and have a rich look to them. I will preface this entry by saying that I was once a Coach canvas fan, and when I returned to R-MC I was considered weird for not having one on my arm 24/7 (I still have a small one I will use going to the movies, etc., as I am not afraid of putting it on the floor at this point). Anyway, the Coach Legacy collection is something you all have heard me discuss before. This time, however, I want to mention that my most recent case of bag envy stems from a men's tote, which I found via Esquire magazine. I love men's bags as they are normally tougher, use more leather throughout the product and weigh more (I like a bag with heft).

The bag I originally saw in Esquire magazine, and promptly tore out. I have been carrying it on me since Thanksgiving:
Photo by Weston Wells. Published in the October 2012 issue.

This bag is called the "Legacy Leather tote" and sells for $698. It no longer comes in this deep brown (whose patina I would guess is stunning over time) but sells on the Coach website in black and navy. Reviewers complain that it is heavy empty due to the fine leather worksmanship, so maybe that is why? I have a good messenger bag in black leather, so I will have to pass. Whomp whomp.

Well, I think I found a close second:
This bag is called the Bleecker Leather Saddle Tote. It is $898 retail. The color is Mahogany brown with brass hardware. I love the equestrian-style bit/dog leash clip and the fact that it could carry legal pads and files without issue.

Here is third place:

This bag is called the Bleecker Legacy Leather Weekend Tote. It is $658 retail. The color is mahogany brown with brass hardware as well. I like that this bag is longer/wider and has a nice drop on the handles (7"). Note how on the ad the price has clearly gone up in barely 2 years (also apparently male and female celebrities like this one a lot. Had no clue!).

What do you all think? Which is your favorite?

I'd also appreciate you reading my Twitter Mom (Lisa)'s post on her latest handbag adventure!

Products property of © 2013 Coach, Inc.

Friday, January 4, 2013

25 things you did not know about me

Just before the holidays, I read/watched two fun posts from fellow RVA blog, Her Late Night Cravings, about Jayme and Mendi!

I do not have the abilities, at least not yet, to do a Vlog like theirs, but I will make a list of the 25 things you might not know about me!

1. I still sleep with two stuffed animals - Pee Wee the Kiwi, which my Dad brought me from New Zealand when I was three... and a lavendar-stuffed rabbit my Mom bought me at The Greenbrier from when I was 13.

2. I have been on a genealogical kick the past 4-5 years. I pay for the international version of and all of the extras included in it. I have been able to go way back (15th century) on some family lines. It gets complicated trying to sort it out, and I think because of Ancestry that is the only reason it works!

3. I attended Randolph-Macon College for one year, then I left, and then I came back... five years later to finish. Three years there total.

4. I asked M out, and he rejected me. He was the first guy to ever flat out turn me down. However, the next morning, he asked ME out. Hmm...

5. I am stereotypical "Leo" - Martha Stewart and I have a lot of the same vices (OCD, hanging out with Snoop Dogg, etc...)!

6. I can stick out my tongue and make it touch my nose. I wish I knew how old I was when I figured out I could do that.

7. I have loved the scent of lavender since I was a kid. All English granny on you! I have the bunny (see #1), I wash my laundry in lavender-scented products, I use lavender fabric softener, I spray my room in lavender, when I go to spa - I request lavender, I iron my sheets and spray them in lavender.

8. If I do not go to the beach every month, I will start to become physically ill. No one can explain it, but it is like clockwork.

9. I have horrid carpal tunnel on my right wrist. When my ex was in law school, I'd habitually have him whack my wrist with a legal text to make "the bump" go away. Isn't that disgusting?!

10. I really wish I was in grad school. I think about that pretty much every day.

11. I have a lot of odd disorders and issues - anemia, potassium deficiency - that make me have to really check myself when going out, drinking, exercising, etc.

12. It seems as though, in my life, I have had more guy friends than female friends... even though I have always wished to have a more solid group of GFs.

13. My eyes change color. Legally they are designated as green but they turn blue and hazel frequently. If you look at them, there is a thick blue outer rim, filled in with green, and then around the iris it is gold.

14. While day-to-day I dress incredibly girly, I do have this inner rocker chick that loves things made with fine leather (see moto jacket obsession).

15. I am named for my Grandmama's family, and I have always felt like she is my best friend and the one who gets me in the family.

16. I have a habit of making up songs while doing chores around the house or getting ready to go out. Completely random songs, with completely original tunes, just to keep my mind going.

17. If I drink, the night will always end on a high note if a friend asks me to sing a song. If they don't request something specifically, I will just start to belt out showtunes. I don't care if we are walking in a residential neighborhood at 3am, it will happen. {sidebar: the Spanish parts of this video crack me up immensely}

18. When I was a little kid, I would habitually cut myself bangs... it stemmed from this compulsion that my widows peak gave me "weird hair." I hated that thing.

19. I cannot stand Hampden-Sydney College! I grew up at W&L and went to R-MC, and both are major rivals of H-SC.

20. I wear contact lenses.

21. I cannot stand earthquakes. The one that happened right by our house in 2011 was bad enough. I don't want to deal with one near my home ever again!! (please).

22. I love golf. When I was back in school I would take lessons and go to the driving range weekly. When I lived in Maryland it was the same thing. Now I work and never do it. I wish I had someone to hang out with. M hates golf. Boo hiss.

23. When I was young, I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas (J.T.T.). And I don't mean in the crushing on him way. I mean, I'd buy or "borrow" the teeny bopper magazines, rip ALL of the posters out of him, and put them on my walls at my parent's farmhouse. I had so many JTT pictures, it covered TWO WALLS (9' ceilings people). Yikes.

24. I sleep on my side, normally hugging a King-size pillow, and wear an eye mask. Gwyneth Paltrow rec'd it and it has changed my life sleep-wise. I used to wear a different one, and as soon as it'd slip off I'd wake up. I am super light sensitive. When I was a kid I didn't need an alarm due to my light sensitivity - I'd get up at sunrise no issue.

25. I have to get massages every 6 weeks due to my neck/shoulder issues. However, due to M's injury I have not had one since the wedding. YIKES. I am way overdue!

Do you have any funny habits or quirks? Let me know in the comments!