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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lately Loving: The Little Market

Remember Lauren Conrad "LC" from Laguna Beach and The Hills? Well, she has had a lot of different projects going on since finishing up her 'reality' series. From her LC by Lauren Conrad line at Kohls to her Paper Crown collection, as well as her XO(eco) by Blue Avocado designs and her book series, she has been quite busy!

The Little Market Guatemala from Jacob Taylor on Vimeo.

One of her more recent projects is The Little Market. I first read about this project in the July 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine. The premise of this venture is simple, fair trade e-commerce. The Little Market's mission states:

Our mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans from around the world, by connecting them with customers through an online marketplace. We seek to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. Our handmade goods showcase the artisans’ traditional skills and their dedication to preserving their artisanal techniques. We source all of the artisans’ products ethically and practice fair trade principles. We acknowledge the interdependency of people around the world and our responsibility to help others.

Since The Little Market's launch in September 2013, it has grown in terms of items offered in the online store as well as the press coverage of the business itself. What I love about this company is that it offers a wide range of items in varying styles, colors, and personal tastes. You can have bright, vibrant pieces or more delicate neutrals. Everything is so beautiful. Check out my favorite pieces below:

Soy blend lavender and chamomile candle, from Prosperity Candle (Massachusetts), where female artisan refugees from Burma, hand make all of their products, $24.

Rectangle hand painted tray in turquoise, from Handmade Expressions (India), a fair trade company, $18.

Overnight bag in Newport, from Maya Traditions (Guatemala), an indigenous female fair trade company, $240.

Alpaca scarf in mocha, from Asociacion de Artesanos Andinos (Bolivia), a traditional female weaver-artisan company, $100.

Sweet rose quilt, from Community Friendly Movement (India), supporting marginalized artisans, $180+ ($200 for king size).

Clear bureau recycled glass pitcher with drinking glass, from Rose Ann Hall Designs (Mexico), supporting disabled artisans while promoting traditional Mexican arts, $68. Drinking glass does fit over pitcher.

Seaside tagine, from LeSouk Ceramique (Tunisia), a handmade ceramics company for artisans, $84

Striped towel in natural, from Woven Promises (Ethiopia), an artisan-friendly Fair Trade Federation company, $60

15" Macbook jacket in gray, from Nappa Dori (India), an artisan-supported fashion boutique, $180

Olive wood rustic board, from LeSouk Olivique (Tunisia) (a sister company of LeSouk Ceramique), which produces olive wood kitchen tools, $38

I hope you all check the website out - no paid affiliate links here - I just wanted to share this amazing business with you all in case you hadn't read about it yet. Perfect place to find a neat gift for someone in your life, or to get cute items for yourself! I think my favorite may be that tagine... what about you?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sponsored Post: Riviera Spas available for purchase at JoPa Company

WorthyStyle JoPa Company Richmond Virginia Riviera Spas orchid model

Maryland-based Riviera Spas have been available exclusively at JoPa Company for the past ten years. Spas, or hot tubs as many call them, have vastly changed as technology has improved in the past twenty years. No more do you have the bulky, ugly eyesore hot tubs of the 1980s. Today an outdoor spa can be an elegant addition to any property – whether on a reinforced deck or ground-level patio.

WorthyStyle JoPa Company Richmond Virginia Riviera Spas deja vu model

JoPa Company has three remaining Riviera Spa 2013 models on the floor but they'd be happy to educate you on the sizing, options, and colors – yes colors! – available for purchase through their vendor. Most Riviera Spas hold 5 – 8 adults, with a galvanized steel frame, solid polyethylene bottom, stainless steel jets and insulated cabinet. Consider the benefits of hydrotherapy with Riviera's ergonomically designed seats and the warm heat easing your aches and pains. Enjoy a Riviera Spa year-round in your outdoor space, unlike your swimming pool!

WorthyStyle JoPa Company Richmond Virginia Riviera Spas Lily model

Each spa has digital controls and an LED lighting system for fun, personalized touches. Rest easy with the low-maintenance design as every Riviera Spa includes an ABS floor/pan system to remain impervious to water, dirt and bugs. Riviera Spas have environmentally-safe acrylic shells; you no longer have to worry about fiberglass in your outdoor spa. The previously-mentioned galvanized steel frame is 30% lighter than former hot tub models, preventing any warping, rotting or rusting with your system. These spas meet or exceed California's Title 20 energy efficiency regulations, keeping your spa cost-effective.

Riviera Spas are modern, sleek and elegant additions to your home, visit JoPa Company today to explore your options!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alton Lane of Richmond 12 Days of Christmas promotion

Have you ever shopped at Alton Lane in Richmond, Virginia? If you haven't, be sure to check out these local news features from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Richmond BizSense before reading below, as they will fill you in on everything about the local Richmond location!

The term “bespoke,” dating back to 18th-century England, literally meant that a selection of fabric was ‘bespoken for’ a customer. Today, the term refers to a garment that is custom made for a customer without the use of a pre-existing pattern. At Alton Lane, we begin cutting the fabric for your garment only once your order is placed and your specific measurements are confirmed. {via Alton Lane website}

On Saturday, December 13, Alton Lane will start their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, with a new promotion announced everyday for 12 days. These promotions will be a great time to shop for yourself or that gentleman in your life, with an average percentage of 30% off or higher on each of the days that the sale occurs. Look at those gorgeous tweeds and plaids below - know anyone who needs a Harris tweed suit or maybe a sport coat for these cooler months?

If you are more pressed for time, consider browsing the Alton Lane online shop for basic, off-the-rack clothes in some of the finest global fabrics. While not providing the full shopping experience you get in-store, you can still make some custom choices. For example, under a dress shirt you can pick between full spread, medium spread, straight down, and button down collars. You have nine shirt cuff options, center/side/no shirt pleats, accent/complimentary fabric options, shirt pocket, and hand stitching and monogram options. Shop here

What are the benefits of Alton Lane? The best in menswear technology and a fun, modern shopping experience. Alton Lane allows customers to book appointments and fittings online. All clothing can be purchased individually, without any package deal or minimum order obligation. Alton Lane tries to have all custom orders completed within 4-6 weeks, except for peak ordering seasons when it could take 8-10 weeks. Alton Lane utilizes a 3D body scanner to capture your measurements in 30 seconds, ensuring the right balance of garment and fit with each piece made by their tailors. Accuracy is of great importance to the sales staff at Alton Lane.

These special holiday promotional discounts will include suiting, shirting, entire wardrobe orders, accessories, and other items throughout the stores so it is certainly worth checking out! You cannot go wrong in making an appointment and visiting their Richmond showroom.

Alton Lane currently has showrooms in Richmond, Virginia, New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Dallas, and Chicago. If you are interested in visiting their store, make an appointment here.

{all photos courtesy of Alton Lane©}

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sponsored Post: JoPa is Richmond’s Exclusive Firetainment Vendor


JoPa Company in Richmond, Virginia, is introducing a fun, new and creative group activity to the Holiday Season. Firetainment is a luxury fire table company based out of Orlando, Florida, and JoPa is the exclusive vendor for their “Firetaining” centers. These beautiful pieces have already made such a strong impression on regular clients shopping at JoPa that one of the three floor models has already sold in the first few days!


Since 2011, Firetainment specializes in fire tables – a unique name play on the traditional fire pit. These tables are an entertaining center, with the functionality of a grill plus the charm and warmth of a fire pit. You may be thinking of a generic fire pit and how it functions as a camp grill, but Firetainment takes these concepts to a whole new level.


You can prepare an entire meal for your family while enjoying the outdoors (or semi-outdoors) at your own home. JoPa has two full cooking sets from Firetainment to go along with your fire table purchase from their floor – these include a 14” cast iron griddle, universal cooking mount, oven mitts, two Himalayan salt blocks, and a surface thermometer. Imagine preparing seafood, meats or vegetables while also having shared family time around the fire table – no need to sit inside while one person grills – the whole family can participate!


Firetainment provides a selection of designs to complement the décor for any home. JoPa’s sales assistants can help you decide between an in-stock model, or a special order direct from Firetainment with a two-week turnaround period.

WorthyStyle-Firetainment-cyprus2-980x490-lazy susan-JoPa-Richmond

The table surfaces can be granite, concrete or quartz, table edging with a rock face or buffed rounded edge and a copper or hammered aluminum top. Fire glass can be chosen in a variety of colors to coordinate or contrast with your tabletop selection. You can even purchase a matching lazy susan to cover the fire glass and make the tabletop an outdoor dining table.


Firetainment fire tables are designed to be connected to a gas line or a 20 lb propane tank. 40,000 BTUs will power many a special evening outside with family and friends! The bases are typically powder coated aluminum so you can easily access the hookups whenever needed for maintenance. The two height options of 21” or 24” tall easily accommodate a lounge setting or meal dining height for whatever purpose you dream up.  Think about the benefit of no ashes or dirt! JoPa’s staff will be happy to provide input and guidance during the selection process.


Come visit JoPa Company this holiday season and give the gift the entire family will enjoy 
– a Firetainment fire table!

By the way, have you liked the JoPa Facebook page and followed our Twitter account?

{all photos property of Firetainment}

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Between the Sheets for Fall/Winter 2014

[Over the Moon Luna bodysuit]

My dear friend Layla has developed another absolutely stunning collection for her brand, Between the Sheets. In case you haven't read my previous posts featuring her company check them out here (when I first heard of the brand) and here (when she did a great giveaway!). Every great brand has a message. Here is BTS's:

With the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, Between the Sheets Collection delivers high end products with a contemporary point of view. Presenting redefined fashion for "Between the Sheets", our loungewear and intimates embody comfort and luxury that relate to our modern lifestyle through sensually draped and contoured designs executed in sumptuous materials. Our goal is to add polished effortless sexy to the BTS girl's natural individual beauty.

As you can easily see from the website and the photos featured on this post, Layla and BTS represent all that is wonderful with up-and-coming, emerging lingerie designers today. Functional pieces that are comfortable, made in the USA and eco-aware. That these garments are affordable and come in a wide range of price points is just the cherry on top! Anyone else love pairing peachy-pink and grey together? Me too!

[Make A Pass colorblock sweatshirt in pink and grey with Matchplay lounge pant]

Aren't these pieces perfect for lounging about or wearing out? All of them seem so cozy to me. I love how Layla works with pastel colorways as well as jewel tones that are saturated in rich hues of "malachite green, amethyst, and moonstone blue." Isn't that regal amethyst gorgeous? It would flatter so many skin tones! The hemline treads that line between flirty-sexy and comfy perfectly. I can see myself spending a lazy Sunday in bed with this piece.

[Over the Moon half moon nightie]

The photographs I've featured here are of collections which utilize terry and jersey knit. Some also use lace insets for visual interest. Layla loves variety in textures! Doesn't the blue piece on the far left look like a raglan baseball-style shirt? The pants on the grey set below is also on my wishlist - they look to be the perfect thing to slip on after a great workout - before you walk/drive/bike home! Some of these pieces may not be on the BTS lingerie website yet - but they will in time for the holidays!

[Over the Moon Stellar pajama top and Moonbeam gown in moonstone blue]

[Curtain Call crop sweatshirt and track pant]

All photos are property of Between the Sheets® Inc.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fireplace weather

WorthyStyle RVA Richmond Virginia skyline jakesaxmanphotography Jake Saxman Photography Tumblr gif

Well, the very short Fall has ended here in RVA. We tend to have a short consistently-warm Fall, and quickly the temperatures plummet around November until Spring peeks back out several months later. What's 'late' Fall in RVA like? Here in downtown and around Capitol Square we get wind. It comes up from the Bottom and it is always cold. Ripping-apart-your-outfit, fly your skirt up, magically-untwist-your-scarf-from-around-your-neck cold wind. It seeps into your bones like Richmond's summer humidity saturates your hair and skin. About one month into
'late' Fall, you start to question that you actually are living in the South. You might start planning a trip to Florida just to recover. That timeline sounds right, as Winter Solstice this year is December 21, and today started off in the high 30s.

WorthyStyle autumn fall leaves Tumblr gif

What can be good about this weather? Well, dressing in layers and cooking the hearty foods of the season are things I always enjoy. People move more slowly in the cooler months, we are not running amok thanks to the numerous holidays that break up the season (my work gives me twelve paid holidays between now and March for example, hashtag blessed (barf)). (Then again, I don't have kids so maybe you all are more busy, for what it's worth I clearly don't know how that works). People moving more slowly means quality time with the people you care about the most. A brunch date with girlfriends can stretch into the afternoon and a Bravo marathon, and then before you know it it's dinnertime and you're still loving each others company with a delicious bottle of wine. You can spend more time on yourself without looking selfish – such as spending an extra 5 minutes leisurely applying that rich moisturizer into your dehydrated skin. The sauna at your gym may or may not become your best friend, and so what if you already have your Holiday playlist blasting in your car with your seat warmers on high?

WorthyStyle fireplace brandy snifter gothdolly Tumblr gif

I call this pre-Winter time 'fireplace weather.' Nothing breaks that chill better than parking next to the fireplace in your favorite dive bar, restaurant, house, or hotel. You can snuggle with your friends or a significant other, enjoying a hot tea, toddy, or chocolate. Slowly but deliciously, the tingling goes away from your fingertips and toes, and you eventually melt into the cushion (or person) you are leaning into. You can talk or not talk. Start that giant book you've had sitting around (or maybe you started it months ago and it's been long-neglected... sorry Thomas Jefferson by Willard Sterne Randall, those 736 pages are dry but I swear I will finish...) Napping is also a long-lost art that is wonderful during these cooler months and shorter days. Write letters to elders in your family – parents and grandparents (and great aunts/uncles if you have them!) love getting mail from their children. Pull out your board games stash – even better, Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity – and it'll be time to go (or go to bed) before you know it. Master making classic cocktails that you've read about in literature but have never seen on a bar menu. Long story short, the best thing about Fireplace Weather is that it completely relaxes you!

WorthyStyle fireplace splendiferoushoney Tumblr gif

What are your favorite activities this time of year?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Modcloth layered looks for Fall 2014

ModCloth fashionable layered look

I've always loved Fall. It's my favorite season and has the best weather here in Virginia. I love to layer my clothes, which is perfect, as ModCloth recently contacted me about their Fall 2014 collections and their featured vintage style trends. The inspiration of this post is a casual weekend out of town with friends. Maybe a high school football game on Friday night, apple picking on Saturday, and a cozy brunch inside on Sunday. The requirements? Those comfy layered outfits, following a less-is-more approach when filling up your weekend duffle. Cardigans and sweaters get paired with classic tops and just one pair of jeans and shoes (Ladies, it can be done)!

A classic cotton flannel shirt, like the Craft Cider Tasting top from Modcloth, is perfect when hanging with a younger crowd if it's layered, 90s grunge style, over a classic tee - Modcloth has many unique ones in a variety of colors. Perfectly laid back for a fun night at your best friend's high school, sipping cider from a Dixie cup and eating some pizza. Saturday apple picking - such as at Carter Mountain Orchard here in Central Virginia (a favorite spot, personally speaking) - is a place where you might need a heavier top layer. You never know what kind of winds and temps are up there on the mountain, so a cozy sweater from ModCloth is what I chose for this day's outfit. I like the pattern of the Layer On the Charm sweater, which can easily be worn over the Brewery Tour de Force top (check out Devil's Backbone brewery for sustenance after your Carter Mountain Orchard adventure, btw). On Sunday, as you recover from your apple and beer coma, cozy up to the Breakfast in Bed top, with the A Fireplace to Call Home cardigan giving you a built-in blanket while you watch Sunday football or catch up on your magazines.

One of the things I have learned over the years is that a great pair of jeans are resilient. You really do not need to wash them a lot. I cannot remember the last time I washed my J Brand jeans - they don't smell, aren't stained, and have that perfect broken-in feel - so it's likely been at least 3 months since their last wash. The pair here are their new Martini flare jeans, which retail for $224 at Nordstrom. Flares are coming back! As a taller person, I love that, as they look great with any kind of shoe. Another thing about a chill weekend away with friends? No heels necessary. Check out these classic Chucks, I had to throw them in as they're timeless! Perfect for fun outings and wearing around a rented house at Wintergreen or the like. Comfy to go trekking about (although maybe not for hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway). Such a classic sneaker. The J.Crew Excursion vest is a great closet staple and wonderful to add one more layer of added warmth to these outfits. The perfect topper to some pretty cozy, layered looks for this Fall 2014.

What do you enjoy wearing on a casual weekend?
{not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own with no compensation}

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Victoria's Secret Sport Knockout collection review, complimentary from Victoria's Secret and Influenster

Please note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

When Influenster told me I was chosen to be one of the complimentary recipients of the #VSSportTester Vox Box, I was delighted. Victoria's Secret Sport and Influenster sent me the Knockout sports bra and the Knockout crop pant. As a former lingerie saleswoman for both boutiques and Nordstrom, I have a discerning taste for all lingerie, including sports bras! I've followed Victoria's Secret Sport ("VSX") since it launched in early 2013, my first purchase from them being "The Incredible" in solid Hello Lovely (a hot pink).

To be perfectly honest, I'm a lingerie snob. I can tell when a woman is wearing an ill-fitting or incorrectly-sized bra. Even if you're on a budget, you can now easily find affordable bras for your wardrobe. Victoria's Secret has upped their game in the past year. The brand has expanded their cup offerings and I'm finding it much easier to find my size, 32DD, in stock.

The VSX sports bras offer a wide range of styles serving low intensity workouts to high impact sports. From wireless to wired, front closure (with a backup zip) to classic back closure, Victoria's Secret sports bras are currently sold in two size runs: S – XL and 32A – 40DD. (32 – 38DDD in select styles as well).

I now have two VSX bras in my fitness bra rotation (which also includes Freya, UnderArmour, and DKNY). What makes the VSX bras different from the others? Coverage, for one, offers me two layers of fabric to cover me where I need it. Secondly, the VSX bras offer fun patterns, not just solids. Thirdly, the straps are comfortable and don't budge during long, high-intensity workouts!

The pattern Victoria's Secret and Influenster sent me is a sweet neon floral with a black base. The Knockout VSX bra also has convertible straps – easily snapping from classic to crossback. The breathable fabric, Body Wick technology, and concealed wire prevent discomfort. I highly recommend it.

The Victoria's Secret Sport Vox Box included the Knockout by Victoria's Secret crop pant. The crop pant is unlike anything in my fitness wardrobe. It fits like a second skin with the same Body Wick fabric. It sits from just under the belly button to just below the knee. It includes a hidden drawstring and pocket in the waistband. The size run is XS – L and I was sent a perfectly-fitting medium in heather gray.

The crop pant is snug, but it's comfortable and not sheer. I don't find it to be the kind of pant I'd pull on as loungewear, but for a basic fitness pant, especially in these cooler months, it has the perfect coverage and style for me. I think it would be ideal for cycling, running, and strength training equipment due to the length and fitted style.

Have you purchased any of the Victoria's Secret Sport collection?