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Monday, April 28, 2014

A great man

Hello to all of you who are maybe still following me on Bloglovin', Twitter, and the like! I know I have not written in a long time, but I have had quite the busy late Winter and early Spring. Some of it good, most of it crummy. I've had a hard time having my head and my heart in the same, healthy place for a while now, and all of it entirely out of my control (something my OCD self just cannot stand). Job life, family life, personal health - all of it nothing I can really control or help, but it does make keeping up with WorthyStyle the very last item on my list when emergencies arise.

My Uncle Jack passed away after a very quick and sudden deterioration in the hospital in Charlotte. It was one of those things where my Aunt, who is more like a sister to me, called me a few times that week, and each time she sounded more nervous, more afraid to say things aloud. I just knew that Friday when we spoke at lunch that I had to leave that day from work and drive to Charlotte. She did not ask me to, I just had that haunting hunch we sometimes cannot ignore. It didn't matter what time I got there, I just knew. And heartsickeningly, I was correct on my gut feeling. Spending Saturday in the hospital with my cousins, their stepsiblings and their mother made me feel more at peace, but it broke my heart that I couldn't have one last conversation with this great man who climbed up to the top of his professional ladder. I was so proud to know him and I miss him dearly.

Here is a video my cousin made regarding him and his life, as well as his beautiful sister Renee, it is something she did while still in college (Fall 2011):

Memories for My Father from Charlotte Woolf on Vimeo.

{source: Charlotte Woolf}

I would also like to include the obituary of my Uncle Jack, so that it may be forever online: